Not Selfish, Just Self-Empowered

What is it that makes someone an adult? Is there a defining moment in your life?

I know it’s not age.

Contrary to what I believed during my entire childhood and adolescence, it has nothing to do with having the freedom to do whatever the hell you want.

I didn’t give it much thought during my early 20’s, but as I grew older, now and then, I would stop to wonder, “When am I going to grow up?”

Well, I finally feel as if I have. I no longer consider myself a girl (though I know society hasn’t for a long time). I am a woman. I am an adult.

And while you can contribute many factors to my adulthood—I can finally pay all my own bills (financial independence, hallelujah!), I take pleasure in eating healthfully and exercising because it’s good for me, I sleep from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (where once I partied between those hours)—the biggest indicator to me is that I live my life for myself and no one else. I make my decisions based on what’s best for me.

This may not sound like a novel concept to most people, but this a first for me. I have spent my entire life living for other people. Really for everyone but myself.

I thought pleasing everyone would please me, but all I did was set myself up for failure. It is not only impossible to please everyone, but I was so busy worrying what everyone else thought, I never had time for myself.

Ever since I stopped to focus on what I truly want and what my best interests are, I have been content and at peace in a way I never have before in my entire life. It’s so deeply peaceful and empowering. I have gotten to know myself better in the process. I am more confident in the direction my life is going. I have renewed confidence. Basically, every aspect of my life has improved.

That’s all I could ever hope for.


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