In the Wise Words of Steven Tyler…

Dream on. Those two little words, they contain so much meaning. And while they’re often said sarcastically, as in Yeah, right… Dream on,  that isn’t how Steven Tyler meant them. Instead, it as if he’s saying dream on because we all have our dreams. Dream on because if you don’t, you might not make it. Much like in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, if you don’t dream it, you can’t be it.

He has a scream that stands the test of time; immortalized in songs, his shrill cries live on forever in Aerosmith’s records. In this song in particular, he sounds sage. A man wise beyond his years with the experience of someone who has lived, I mean truly lived, and who has seen some shit in his day. He’s telling you that you can make it. Dream big and screw anyone who tells you that you can’t become what you set out to be. Work tirelessly for your dreams, as if your life depends on them, because in the end, it does. Your dreams are yours and yours alone. If you dream hard enough and put the work in, they will come true.

The above passages come from my journal written on June 11, 2009. I was two weeks shy of turning 20 years old, and at that time, my life’s biggest aspiration was to become a music journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. My passion for classic rock certainly hasn’t waned, and I often think about that 19-year-old girl and wonder if she would be happy with the person I’ve become. In fact, I know she would be. At that time, I wanted nothing more than to live my life surrounded by good music, art, and books. Looking around my apartment now, that is exactly how I live each day, and pretty much have in the ten or so years since I first wrote an homage to one of my favorite songs.

It’s interesting to see how some things change, while others stay completely the same.

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